Annapolis Flyer Lends a Little Travel Cheer This Holiday


Chances are that you or a family member will be traveling this Holiday Season. Quite a few will be. Here are a few tips from Annapolis Flyer that may ease the stress while traveling to your destinations. As a family member once said; “we want to arrive on time and in one piece”.

If you are flying, in-or-out of Annapolis here are a few things to consider;

Get the App!

Technology has come a long way so here are a few apps others are giving a try.

Flight Status – Flight Status updates in real time and will tell you about delays, luggage and more.

Gate Guru – This app monitors security lines and can come in handy by telling you approximate wait times.

SitOrSquat – Humorous for some but sometimes important topic. SitOrSquat tells you where the clean and dirty bathrooms are in case of a needed stop.

Google Maps – Google Maps is one of the best apps to have for real-time information about your surroundings. Powered by GPS, Google Maps can help you find gas, food or virtually anything you may need and give you directions. In addition, one of the most important features is the real-time traffic updates.

(Bonus Tip: When is the best time to travel? When everyone else is asleep. Less stress, less hassle because there are less people. Driving and flying are both done best either late at night or early in the morning.)

Travel Light and Smart

Try not to check any bags for short trips. You will avoid long check in lines, additional fees, and everyone’s favorite, lost luggage.

Packing a few snacks and drinks is essential, especially when traveling with little ones. Keeping fueled up will keep you happy and feeling less stressed. No one likes a Hangry traveler.

Pack Earplugs! You may need an escape plan so be ready with your Instant Zen Zone, Sunglasses, and Earplugs. A noisy environment can be a stressful one. Loud airports, and possible loud travelers (crying children) may need to be muted. Many bring headphones or ear buds but we also suggest earplugs as well.

(Bonus Tip: Statistics show that planes traveling in the early hours are more likely to be on time without incident.)

Your Destination Airport

Airports although similar in function each have their own nuances. Make sure to peek at the website of the airport you are traveling home from. Yes, you are well versed in the procedure at your home airport but think ahead to when you will be coming home. That airport may be new, or have a different layout. A quick visit to the airports website should answer many questions that may be coming your way soon. Look at the travel tips section, maps, and security pages.

If you need travel accommodations to or from air ports local to Annapolis, Maryland, Annapolis Flyer will be servicing BWI, Dulles, and Regan National this Holiday. Making sure that everyone arrives safely to their loved ones is our number one priority and we know you are counting on us. Annapolis Flyer is available day or night and will work with your current travel schedule. Choose between a Lincoln Towncar or Chevy Suburban. Please call 410-774-5266.

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