Five Tips for Traveling To and From BWI

Five Tips for Traveling To and From BWI

BWI travel tips

Traveling is fun and exciting, but there can be an added level of anxiety. This is probably why some people use a company like NetJets to help them have a stress free travel experience. However, here are five tips for traveling to and from BWI, that alleviate stress.

Get there early

BWI is one of the busiest airports in the area with flights arriving and departing around the clock to and from all over the world. It is important to get there early to avoid long check-in and security lines. Traffic can be unpredictable, and the last thing you need to worry about after an airport commute is figuring out the parking and shuttle bus situation. Taking a cab to the airport solves this and many commuting issues. You will be dropped off right at your gate ensuring prompt arrival. Many cab companies will allow you to make reservations for both legs of your commute. When traveling and making airline reservations consider reserving your airport taxi as well. If you’re travelling with a pet, then consider using a website such as Petswelcome – which will allow you to find pet friendly hotels.

Travel Gadgets

There are many high-tech travel gadgets that some folks cannot live without. But there are also simple items that could make your trip more comfortable. Consider wearing or packing a hoodie. There is a variety of styles available from casual to dressy to suit whatever you are wearing. It is a great lightweight jacket that serves many purposes such as a pillow, a blanket, or eye cover. With a little research, you can find the perfect jacket for traveling anywhere!


One of the biggest drawbacks of flying is dehydration. The lack of humidity in inside the airplane cabin is much lower than the typical indoor air humidity. Dehydration can cause many problems, including dry skin, itchy eyes, and chapped lips. It can also lead to fatigue or respiratory issues. There are many simple things you can do to combat dehydration. Drinking plenty of water is probably your best defense. Pack a small moisturizer or use eyedrops. Consider bringing a saline nasal spray that can help keep nasal passages moist, and help avoid bloody noses.

Healthy eating

Pack your own snacks while you are traveling to your destination. Make sure to avoid peanuts or peanut butter because those who are highly sensitive do not even need to consume peanuts, just being in the room with peanuts can be enough to cause a reaction. When eating in the airport, seek out choices you can customize, like creating your own sandwiches or salads, and choosing broth-based soups. Skip the pastries and fried food and select fresh fruit and bagels.

Avoid parking fees

Parking at the airport can be a hassle, especially in inclimate weather. While long-term parking may seem like a deal, the weather in the Chesapeake is unpredictable during any season. Trying to catch a shuttle to your gate during a snow storm or driving rain is most unpleasant. Parking also takes planning and extra time, therefore if you are pressed for time, this is not an option. Hiring a taxi cab is the most efficient form of airport transit available. You will arrive at your gate safe and on time without the added parking hassles. The cost of a taxi is also comparable to on-site parking.

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