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In today’s “instant gratification” society, package delivery times get shorter and shorter.  It’s possible to order online and have your package delivered the same day! Incredible! But as traditional delivery companies get overloaded with demand from consumers, mistakes occur, and trust has been lost in these national delivery services.  What we could depend on in the past is somehow less dependable as we become more and more demanding.

Is There an Alternative to Traditional Delivery Services?

If you have packages to deliver locally, why not call Annapolis Flyer Cab?  They have a strong reputation for delivering people safely and efficiently. Why don’t you treat your local delivery packages to the same excellent handling? They won’t be thrown around in the back of a truck or bounced over the fence for delivery.  If you have several packages to deliver, you might even save money!

When Does it Make Sense to Use a Cab Service to Deliver Packages?

When you need packages delivered locally, using a cab service, such as Annapolis Flyer Cab, is an excellent alternative to sending them via a national delivery service. But it especially makes sense when your package contents are fragile or valuable.  Why run the risk of it getting lost, broken, or misdelivered? The big, national delivery guys handle so many packages that get thrown around or handled carelessly. Protect your precious deliveries from that kind of treatment.

Special Holiday Deliveries

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of peace of mind.  Have local packages delivered same day and know that everything is delivered quickly and safely to delight your loved ones and business associates over the holiday season.  This will give you one less thing to worry about during a busy time.

Count on Annapolis Flyer Cab to take care of your local package deliveries this holiday season!

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