Benefits of Hiring a Car Service vs Uber

Benefits of Hiring a Car Service vs Uber

Benefits of Hiring a Car Service vs Uber

If you are considering transportation for a special event like a wedding or bachelor party, or to the airport or for an occasion like an anniversary dinner, you may be debating how to arrive safely and economically. But, your first instinct may be to take ride-hailing service like Uber. But what if you have a large group of friends who are accompanying you to your destination? What if you want to journey together without missing the fun? Well in that case you can go for limo rentals or party buses like the ones offered by Dream Limousines (and similar limo rental companies). Known to be equipped with all modern amenities, these party buses can make your journey more comfortable and satisfying. If you are interested to know more about limo rentals services of this nature, then browse this site. Remember that the benefits of hiring a car service outweigh Uber or Lyft by far. When it comes to dependability and customer service, there should never be a question. Here are the best reasons for hiring a car service vs Uber.

Unsurpassed Safety

Uber and Lyft have both come under scrutiny for safety issues. However, professional car service companies pride themselves in their vetting processes. Resumes, comprehensive background checks, clean driving records, in addition to intensive training all ensure you’re in good hands. But if the unfortunate were to happen, you could always consult with lawyers to better understand your legal options.

Saves Time

When you schedule a car service, it saves time and lots of it. Never wait around as you do with a ride-hailing service during heavy periods of customer requests. Instead of taking a risk and calling spur of the moment, plan ahead and make a reservation. That way your car arrives on time, every time.

Get the Most for Your Money

While you may be able to use the fare estimator on a ride-hailing app, it is just that, an estimator. There are so many variables that could interfere with your expected cost. Some riders have experienced sudden fare surges while sitting in heavy traffic! These issues will never happen when you hire a private care service. The price quoted is the price you pay.

Super Dependability

There is no question that a private car service company is dependable. When you make a reservation, that is your designated time, period. These companies hold their drivers up to the highest standards. They take great pride in providing consistent ground transportation service. Their reputation relies on it.

Stress-Free Travel

Remove the anxiety about your transportation and hire a professional car service. Not only will they be on time, but they will also be waiting for you. Furthermore, their goal is to get you where you need when you need. Never worry again about missing a flight, the beginning act of your favorite show, or a reservation that took you months to book.

Treat Yo’Self

You will experience the ultimate in luxury and convenience when you hire a car service company. Car-hailing services are built on the model of high customer turn around, meaning the more passenger pick-ups and drop-offs the better. A private service makes you feel special, takes care of you as if you are the only customer of the evening.

Better Insurance Coverage

Insurance is more than what a big corporation can provide. It is the peace of mind knowing that your driver is properly licensed and insured and legitimate. Ease your fears. Professional transportation companies cover their drivers as well as maintaining the vehicles to the highest specifications. If you are in a accident with Uber or another transport service you’ll be needing the help of a law firm to fight your case, firms such as GJEL cover personal injuries to insurance litigation cases.

Familiarity with Your Location

Drivers for ride-hailing services often drive out of their familiar area in an attempt to make money in higher volume regions. This means that they have next to no familiarity with the city. The will not know alternate routes case of heavy traffic, nor can they make recommendations to out of towners. The local personal touch of a professional car service makes the difference!

Large Group Transportation

When traveling with a large group, finding an Uber or Lyft large enough to fit everyone can be hit or miss. You may even need to call an additional car to get you all there. When you hire a car service, they offer a variety of sizes and styles, from town cars to limos and party buses. You can specify what your needs are and chose the vehicle that best accommodates your group.

A common misconception is that booking a private car service is more expensive than using a ride-hailing app. But, contact Annapolis Flyer Cab today, and you will be pleasantly surprised. When you factor in the benefits of hiring a car service vs Uber, you will understand the better value. Competitive prices plus peace of mind. That is the Annapolis Flyer Cab advantage.

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